So A Lot Happened…

…And I forgot I had a blog in true ADHD style apparently.

I’m not going to backtrack posts to catch up but I will give a brief overview. So yeah I got diagnosed with ADHD and after months of waiting finally got my first prescription for medication May 15th. However, at precisely the same time (not kidding, it was an hour later) I got a phone call about a study into ADHD and borderline personality disorders that I’d volunteered to take part in a few weeks prior before I’d even got an appointment with the psychiatrist.

I was interviewed, given the go ahead and naturally I had to be off medication so I couldn’t start my new drugs (5mg of methylphenidate twice a day) until May 29th. Drugs started and £79 richer thanks to the study, I noticed some improvement and thankfully only repressed appetite in the way of side-effects. June 3rd then happened and a two week trip to Canada occurred but that’s a story for another time.

I’ve been back in the country for three days now and I’m currently sat in a hospital bed unwisely resisting slumber. Considering I’ve just had surgery, I feel great, but from everything I’ve read, it’s about to become a world of pain for the next week or so. Send help.