About Me

Hello, my name is Olive and I’m about to bombard you with dozens of useless pieces of information about myself for no good reason. I don’t know why you’d want to continue reading but I’ll enable you all the same.

I live in the UK but I’m only half English, the other half is American. Dual citizenship is pretty cool, except when both of your countries are up shits creek without a paddle.

I work in a small, local bookshop part time and it’s great, except for when I inevitably spend my paycheck on books. As much as I love the bookshop though, my ambitions lie in becoming an actress.

I’m a Piscean. I think I fit the description pretty well.

I’m an ESFP. Again, I think it’s fairly accurate.

I’m a Slytherin. If nothing else then for my ambition; I might bumble around but I know where I want to be at the end of my bumbling.

I’m a Thunderbird. Don’t know what that is? Pottermore can tell you.

My patronus is a pheasant. I wasn’t crazy about this development but I’m learning to live with it. I’ve taken to yelling ‘Expecto Patronum’ at any pheasant I see, including the one my dad ran over today, but that was more of a bloodcurdling scream than a yell.

My wand is 12 3/4 inch Hazel and Dragon Heartstring, unbending. The latter supposedly refers to my stubbornness so that’s appropriate.

I am an avid Harry Potter fan, have you noticed yet?

My favorite Pokémon is Tyranitar. Oh yeah, I have other interests besides Harry Potter, surprising isn’t it?

I’m passionate about the Oxford comma, and not just because I was born in Oxford.

There are few things in life so fine as a well-crafted pun.

I enjoy listening to music as well as making it, if singing at the top of my lungs while driving can be considered making music.

What the world needs is more Cheetos and Hostess powdered donettes. No, but seriously, the lack of American food in this country is soul destroying.

I’m a fan of evening walks (think midnight) to the nearest Pokéstop with my giant dog, an Irish Wolfhound. His name is Bear but I call him Beartholomew when he misbehaves. So more often than not.

I have a Botticelli blue Citroen C1 by the name of Nymphadora the Explorer. She is an automatic. I am not legally allowed to drive stick. Stick is for silly people.

I’m currently in an inbetween of diagnosis for ADHD. Ugh. The saga. I officially have combined type ADHD.

I have run out of labels and random facts about myself to add so I guess I’m stopping now. You can thank me later.